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Transform your backyard into outdoor living space with a custom deck design by Atlas Carpentry, LLC. Our experienced carpenters and deck designers know how to make your Akron area backyard a true extension of your home.  Whether you’re looking for a wood deck design or a composite deck expert, Atlas Carpentry can build your dream deck. Custom deck building begins with a fast, complimentary quote.

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Composite Decks

Enjoy more time entertaining on your deck and less time maintaining it with quality alternatives to traditional wood decking. Composite decking has become an umbrella term in the deck-building industry to refer to any synthetically engineered decking material. Some composite decking materials contain a mixture of wood fibers and plastics/polymers while others contain only plastics / polymers.  No matter the exact composition of the composite decking material, they require less maintenance and last longer than a traditional wood deck. The main advantage of a composite deck is that you do NOT have to stain or seal it each year. In addition, it will not splinter or warp like wood decking. As a result, many homeowners prefer a custom composite deck to a wood one.

 At Atlas Carpetnery, we’re proud to offer our clients the choice of TimberTech Azek or Trex composite decking options. Not sure which is right for you? Below is an overview of each to help you determine the best match for your deck. Don’t worry. We’re to help if you need it, and yes, we still build traditional wood decks, too!

TimberTech Azek

TimberTech Azek decking calls its premium decking capped polymer deck boards. They are made 100% from plastics/polymers and “capped” or sealed on all for sides of each board.  The advantages of this type of decking include the following:


Trex Composite

Trex started the composite decking trend in 1996. A true composite board, Trex is made from 95% recycled materials. These materials include reclaimed timber, sawdust, and plastic from many household items. Trex usually comes at a slightly lower cost than TrimberTech and offers the following:

Complete Deck Building Services

Our deck installers go beyond the basics to offer comprehensive deck building services. Your dream design is our inspiration, and we have over 15 years of experience to turn it into a reality.

Our expert deck designers also make sure all the little details come together to complete your design. From built in benches or flower boxes, to railings, spindles, stairs, and skirting, your new deck will be expertly finished and ready for entertaining. We’ve also added gazebos, fireplaces, and sky lights to custom build decks. If you dream it, we’ll help you build it!

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How to Choose the Best Decking Materials

Building a deck should add quality outdoor living space to your home. In order to get the most enjoyment out of your deck, you’ll want to make sure it’s built with the best materials for your needs. For example, some things to consider include

  • How much weight will your deck need to support? Will your deck support a hot tub? Do you want it large enough to host a handful of people or dozens? Different materials bear weight differently, so it’s an important deck building consideration.
  • Will your deck be near water? Will your deck be poolside? Lakeside? Or will it be tucked in a grassy yard? Different decking materials handle moisture better than others.
  • How flexible are your design wishes? If the color or design of your decking boards are your primary goal, you may limit yourself to what is available to meet that exact vision. Flexible plans open a world of building options!
  • How much time do you have to spend on maintenance? Different material require different investments of time and money to keep your deck looking its best. Being honest with yourself how you feel about sanding and staining a deck–or paying someone else to do it each year–should be a serious consideration.
  • What is your budget? Some materials cost more up front, while others require more money to maintain. Understanding your budget helps determine the right decking option for you.

The experienced crews at Atlas Carpentry can help you decide the best deck materials for your project.  When you Request a Quote, tell us your dream deck, and we’ll help make it a reality with the right materials for success.

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Are you ready to add quality outdoor living space to your home? Contact Atlas Carpentry to get your free estimate.  We’ve been a trusted custom deck builder near Akron for 15 years! Dreams start here!